Friday, February 27, 2009

Whistler Update (Feb 2009 weekends)

Hello white gold surfers,

Sorry for the long long delay with regards to my Whistler updates but I’m going to give you a quick update on the Whistler conditions and what I have been up to there.

The last couple of weekend in February the conditions have been off and on. One day during the weekend you’ll get a shitty icy day of riding but sunshine which is always good, but I would take pow over sun. While on the Sunday if you are lucky, like I have been you get a pow day. For some reason the last 3 week Sunday have been power days with about 10 to 15 cms.

The weekend of February 7th has been the best of the year so far and there has not been that many good days this season so compared to other years it was as best good. During that weekend we got about 30 plus cms of snow over 3 days so we decided to hike out and build a kicker. We first tried in Bagel Bowl on the Saturday but the snow coverage wasn’t that great, to wind blow. On Sunday I suggested hiking into Flute to find a spot to build. It was the best decision because we found a hidden spot that had the best features to build an amazing kicker.

A couple of us sessioned the kicker all day on Sunday, hiking up and jumping down. We had suck an awesome session that we lost track of time that mountain patrol found us to say that the mountain was closing and we had to get the hell out… was 3pm and we starting sessioning at 10am. It was such a fun but exhausting day.

The last two weekends have been shit to ok. Not much snowfall so the runs where pretty icy especially for the Valentines day weekend. But don’t worry thing will get better in Whistler if history is on our side. March and April should start dumping snow and it has already started this past week. So be patience and watch the forecast closely for the next little while….winter is not over.

Winter 2008 / 2009 Prediction

Whistler Snow Forecast

Well hope you get out and enjoy some powder lines this weekend and I’ll be back up in Whistler to shed and give you an update on the Showcase Showdown competition happening on Sunday.

Showcase Showdown

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fantasy Surfer 2009

Hello Fantasy Surfers,

Just wanted to reminder you that the new season has officially started and you can start your picks for the Gold Coast Quiksilver Pro. The
Quiksilver Pro starts on Feb 28th so get your picks in before the actual comp date.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Showcase Showdown 2009

On February 28th, 2009 Showcase Snowboards is holding their annual competition called the Showcase Showdown. The Showdown is a combined pipe/park comp that features the best pro riders in Canada. This is a really good event to attend because the level of riding is so good.

Showcase Showdown website

Usually this comp is held on Blackcomb mountain at the superpipe location but this year because of the shitty snow conditions it is being held at the base of Whistler mountain, next to the GLC. This will be even better because you don’t have to take the gondola then walk up to the Blackcomb superpipe.

So if you are in Whistler during the weekend of Feb 28th stop by the base of Whistler and watch the comp. Every year the park/pipe gets better and better. Here is a detailed schedule if you are interested.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Out of Bounds: Tales from the Backcountry

Hello again, sorry for the long delay between posts but I have been so busy with work that my blog has been suffering.

I just wanted to let you know about one my favourite events in Whistler that is happening….it’s called Out of Bounds: Tales from the Backcountry photo exhibition. This is an amazing photo exhibition that feature some of the best photographers work within the BC mountains. Some of the photographers featured in this years exhibit are as follows:

Alex Wigley
Andrew Bradley
Andy Anissimoff
Blake Jorgenson
Bradley Slack
Brian Baker
Brian Hockenstein
Bruce Rowles
Cam Unger
Dagan Beach
Dave Henkel
Greg Eymundson
Jonathan Kirby
Larry Jung
Nicolas Teichrob
Pete Cussrin
Rich Glass
Todd Hellinga
Joel Sweet

Out of Bounds is being held from Feb 1st to 28th at the Millennium Place in Whistler and I’m pretty sure it’s free to drop in and view these great pieces of work. If you’re in Whistler and enjoy photography and the mountains don’t miss this feature.

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