Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Movie Review – That’s It That’s All

The wait is over for the much anticipated follow up to Travis Rice’s Community Project and the 2009 film is called That’s It That’s All (TITA). TITA was a two year project by snowboarder Travis Rice and film maker Curt Morgan that features a sleuth of amazing riders like Mark Landvik, Nicolas Muller, Terje Haakonsen, Jeremy Jones (big mountain rider), Scotty Lago, John Jackson and of course the creator Travis Rice.

The film is all about exploration, big mountain riding and snowboarding progression. This flick features scenes from New Zealand, Whistler, the BC interior, Part City, and Jackson Hole to name a few.

So cutting to the chase, here is my review of That’s It That’s All. And trust me this is going be a good one!!!

1) Soundtrack

The soundtrack for That’s It That’s All is fitting to the riding style of Travis Rice, hard hitting and powerful. Most of the tracks in each scene are straight up alternative and heavy rock/metal. This snowboarding movie shies away from the normal by packing a powerful dramatic punch to each scene. Snowboarding movies in the last couple of years have got the mellow route in my opinion, which is cool too. From the opening scene the music sets the tone of the whole film, there is no dull moment music wise. It’s just high energy and intensity all the way through. Even if you don’t like hard rock this soundtrack will amp you up to go out to your local mountain and ride as hard as Travis Rice does.

2) Cinematography

Oh my God, the cinematography in That’s It That’s All was out of this world. The director Curt Morgan used a film technology call cineplex filming that made so high high quality. Morgan mentions in one of the scenes that the cineplex technology really puts the audience in the moment of what the riders are experiencing. I also have to mention that the colours in the flick just popped. I have never seen a snowboarding movie that was filled with so much colour from the scenery…it was just visually vivid. TITA is now the new standard in snowboarding filming production, if not the standard for all action sports. Filmmakers take note because this is the best flick visually I have ever seen. I just wish I had a HDTV to see this movie the way it was intended.

Best looking snowboarding movie ever produced, it was worth the wait.

3) Rider Segments / Scenes

This movie is so so fucken good that it’s hard to pick the best scene but I really like the opener because it sets the tone for the whole flick and it display the cinematography really well. All through the movie Travis Rice is banging out trick after trick. T.Rice is killing it in order to make the best movie possible and progress snowboarding to the next level. I mean there were so many tricks that Travis did that I’ve never seen before, this guy is what snowboarding is about. Also another rider who kill it was Jeremy Jones with his big mountain lines in Alaska. I really enjoyed watching Jones helmet cam ride because you really go the sense of what it’s like to snowboard in the Alaskan backcountry.

You really have to give it up for the riders in this film because they displayed to the world what the new standard is for riding in a snowboarding film.

4) Extras / Bonus Features

Unlike other movies for this year That’s It That’s All packs a lot of bonus clips from the making of TITA to a photography slideshow to all the teasers. Also included is an intro to the snowboarding competition, Natural Selection, which was invented by Travis Rice. But my favourite bonus feature was called “Travis Does Tahiti”. It was Travis Rice and Quiksilver snowboarding team mate Todd Richards going to Tahiti on a surf trip with the amazing surf and also Quiksilver sponsor surfer, Dane Reynolds. I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw this because the filming was so good and getting to Dane surf he is definitely one of my favorite surfers. Rice and Richards are pretty good surfers too, it was really cool to see one of the most famous waves in the world be shredded by snowboarders.

5) Overall

As you can already guess, That’s It That’s All is definitely my favourite snowboarding movies of 2009 and maybe of all time. It just on another level compared to everything else out there these days. From the riding to the quality of film this has to be movie of the year and is really worth the money. Even if this movies was $100 I would still buy it, it was that good.

Overall I give this movie a 10 out of 10. But really it should be more like a 100 out of 10. Awesome movie Travis and after watching That’s It That’s All I’m so amped to hit the mountains.

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