Friday, August 22, 2008

Whistler Peak Hiking

Many people flock to Whistler, BC in the summer for a getaway. Mostly for mountain biking, summer glacier riding, general site seeing and parting it up. But alot travelers to the area don't really know the amazing hiking trails that are at the top of Whistler. Ya, sure they are aware of the Peak Adventure once they reach the top they just stay in that one area for the patented photo opt.

There are 14 trails of varies levels difficulty that all lead by to the the top of the Whistler gondola. The easy trails can be done by someone who really never hikes, while the moderate and most difficult are more reserved for the experienced hiker.

Whistler Hiking Trail Map

A couple of my favorite trails are the High Note, Harmony Lake, and Harmony Ridge trail. They all ofter some really good views of Garibaldi Park and a good physical challenge. If you want to really see all of Whistler hiking has to offer head out for the High Note via Musical Bumps & Singing Pass trail. This 6 plus hour hike showcases the best views of the park, but make sure your prepared and never go alone.

Hiking on the peaks trails is one of my favorite things in the summer to do while in Whistler. So next time your up in the area take a stroll through some of Whistler peaks' hiking trails.


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Unknown said...

Hi Mike,

It's Cynthia again.

You are REALLY inspiring us to pursue Whistler B&B opportunities. We have just returned from spending 5 weeks hiking in Switzerland. Your list of your favorite Whistler/Blackcomb trails is going in our back pocket.

Thanks again for sharing.